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Reader Letters | Special thank-you

The Cuban community of Kentucky would love to take this opportunity to publicly express our heartfelt gratitude to this generous state and its people for welcoming us, providing jobs and allowing us to rebuild our new lives here.

Kentucky opened up its kind doors, offering us opportunities to achieve economic progress and fulfillment in our lives; that is why we want to let all Kentuckians know that we highly appreciate you for permitting us to be part of your society, integrating with you, and giving us the opportunity to work together for a better future for all.

We miss a lot of our motherland, as well as family members we left behind (children parents, and siblings); however, we are blessed to be living here. We enjoy learning from this marvelous democratic system and eternally appreciate this freedom, the same we lost in our country when a communist government arrived to power 53 years ago.

Our community is roughly 10,000 Cubans who have found many reasons for happiness in Kentucky, and more privileges than we ever dreamed to have. To this state we owe so much.

We are obligated to serve it with our daily work, in factories, schools or offices, offering tradesmen, engineers, artists, professors or small business owners (more than 100 emerged during the last three years).

You are a great state, with wonderful people, from whom we have received a lot of help and support, despite cultural differences, and at times limited English language skills and definitely thick Spanish accents.

Again, thank you, Kentucky, from a proud and very appreciative Cuban-American community.

El Kentubano

Frankfort, Ky. 40601 –

El Kentubano is the publication for the Cuban and Latin Community of Kentucky. — Editor|head

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